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Environmental Promise

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At "Mini Beans Coffee" we promise to:​​

  • We offer a discount to customers who provide their own re-useable coffee cup - thus actively discouraging the use of single use products.

  • Use suppliers that are committed to reducing their environmental impact such as "green man packaging".

  • Our coffee supplier use a roaster that is 80% more efficient than their competitors - therefore using less gas in the roasting of their coffee.

  • We aim to compost all of our coffee grounds.

  • Our trailer uses either mains or a combination of LPG/battery power - which is cleaner than using generators and noise free!

  • We actively encourage recycling on our social media profiles as well as promoting business who actively reduce their carbon footprint i.e Vegware/earth and friends.

  • We use LED low energy bulbs rather than halogens.

  • We aim to choose out products wisely and all our soft drinks are glass, metal or cardboard avoiding having single-use plastics.

  • We are working hard to ensure all our packaging of our products are recyclable.

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